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Why Counseling?


Life is full of challenges, most of which we can handle on our own. When doing it yourself isn't working, it is helpful to team with a therapist to discover patterns that are self-defeating or counterproductive. Often we are so "close" to ourselves that we have blindspots about important aspects of our lives. In therapy, you can learn to see past the blindspots, see new options and possibilities, and acquire tools for dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety, and anger in healthy ways.



Human beings are social by nature, so connecting emotionally with another can be a healing experience. But when we make a habit of oversharing our personal issues with friends or family, it sometimes drives them away. A therapist is trained to listen, reflect,  and learn about you non-judgmentally, as a whole person. Over the course of therapy, you will learn a lot about yourself. Patience, compassion, trust  and understanding are key to effective therapy.






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