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My Approach  . . .
It's about collaboration. Early on, together we set goals for therapy and make a plan for achieving them. When working with issues that have been with you all your life, there are rarely quick fixes. But most people start to notice a difference after several sessions. Expect to come as long as you find counseling to be beneficial.
If the goals are simple and specific, we will focus on quick solutions. If the goals are more general, relating to deeper issues, we will explore their possible origins, with an eye toward identifying and changing harmful thinking patterns and distorted assumptions about the world. In every case, getting to know you, hearing you, and understanding you are essential.

Many of us go through life on automatic pilot, giving little thought to who we really are, what we really want, and whether our behaviors serve us well. By working with a trained, non-judgmental professional,  you get a priceless opportunity to become authentic and more insightful about yourself and your relationships. 


Struggling couples benefit from having a safe, calmer place to deal with volatile issues. Therapy offers this, along with communication strategies, fair fighting rules, anger management tools, and a chance to become aware of the history that underlies triggered behavior.


Whatever brings you to counseling, expect to have an enlightening experience!

An  unexamined life is not worth living.--Socrates

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